In a recent study, researchers found a new malware named Silver Sparrow infecting M1 Macs. Having infected little less than 30,000 Macs to date, the malware pushes Macs to check a control sever. However, the result is still unknown.

The preceding year, Apple introduced its new and robust range of M1-powered Macs. The first Apple Silicon SoC is based on widely acknowledged ARM-based mobile chips.

Since the very launch in 2020 fall, the new range started gathering remarkable attention, especially for its remarkable performance compared to Intel chips built on x86 that have been powering Macs since 2005.

First Malware…

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy didn’t go the way Facebook-owned online messenger would have presumed. Soon after the messenger popped a window enforcing users to agree to their revised terms or delete their account, the entire web went through a storm. While some analysts believe that the revised policy results from the Apple vs. Facebook feud, others consider this the ultimate Facebook Operandi of using data to earn money.

To top it off, Musk’s tweet suggested that people download Signal Messenger instead. …

Apple just reported its largest quarter to date by revealing 2021 Q1 revenue. Soaring above $100 billion in sales, the brand noticed a rise of 21% YoY, crossing $65 billion in just one quarter. Undoubtedly the achievement is worth applause, and it has taken the entire tech industry by storm.

However, the credit doesn’t go to sales of the iPhone 12 lineup alone. Before we jump ahead and explore the critical factors in growth rate, let’s first look at some figures shared in the consolidated financial statement shared by Apple.

The chart indicates iPhone sales a significant reason behind the…

How Apple Striking Balance between Business and User Privacy

“That’s my space!!” or “I need some space for myself”; How often do you use this term in your day-to-day life? I do it often. At least once a week, I would consider going to a place where no one else is intruding my zone.

But lately, I have realized that I’m being followed even there. My last trip was unknown even to my family members. But soon after booking my tickets, I started getting ads and notifications linked to my trip. It was then I discovered the same trend.

Remember the quote, “If you are not paying for it…

First released in January 2007, the iPhones have traveled a long way in the last 14 years. According to a report, from 2007 to 2018, Apple sold about 2.2 billion iPhones worldwide, including 217 million iPhones sold in 2018 alone. Looking at all the love it garnered and its constant endeavors to innovate from time to time, the enormous sales figures don’t come as a surprise.

Here’s a glimpse of Apple’s yearly sales.

COVID-19 redefined the way we have been living our lives. Not just our lifestyle or the way we work, but also our modes of entertainment. Be it gaming or binge-watching. The latter has indeed shown some remarkable growth statistics in the last year.

According to a report shared by Statista, people have spent most of their time watching movies and shows online compared to news, sports, etc.

What is all the buzz about?

While most industries struggled to sustain in 2020, some had their best phase during the Covid era. OTT platforms are one of those, which relished an overwhelming…

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